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Quinton Church Primary School

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Maths at Quinton Church Primary School


The Maths Mastery programme is a whole-school approach to teaching mathematics that aims to raise attainment for all pupils and close the attainment gap between pupils from low-income families and their peers.

The programme aims to deepen pupils’ understanding of key mathematical concepts. Compared to traditional curricula, fewer topics are covered in more depth and greater emphasis is placed on problem solving and on encouraging mathematical thinking.

For all of our pupils, from Reception to Year 6, maths mastery embeds a deep, long term and adaptable understanding of concepts through the concrete, pictorial and abstract (CPA) approach. Through our curriculum, we develop pupil’s ability to make connections and secure transferable skills. At the heart of our teaching for mastery are opportunities for the children to become proficient in fluency in concepts, reasoning and problem solving. With high expectations for all our pupils, we aim to deliver a mastery curriculum that promotes engagement and enjoyment through exciting, lively lessons and enables our pupils to leave school with good mathematical understanding.


The following documents will give you an insight into the teaching and learning of maths at Quinton:

Rationale and Purpose - Maths

Whole school Maths overview

Progression Map - Maths


Here are some further documents that may be useful:

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