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Part of the Birmingham Diocesan Multi-Academy Trust (BDMAT)
Registered Office for Birmingham Diocesan Multi-Academy Trust and BDMAT Central Office: Christ Church, Church of England Secondary Academy, Daleview Road, Yardley Wood, Birmingham, England, B14 4HN

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Quinton Church Primary School

Fullness of life for all, through working together with the love of Christ

Meet Our School Council

Every class is represented by two school councillors. These Councillors have a real say in the life of the school from the curriculum to behaviour strategies. The children then feedback the minutes to the rest of the class so that the whole school is well informed, valued and consulted when appropriate.

The School Council in overseen by Mrs Williams & Mrs Leaonard. Every member of the school council has been elected democratically based on their presentation to the rest of the class. There is an agenda which is discussed and minutes taken including actions for the next meeting.

How to get involved

If you have a good idea, tell it to your Councillor. The idea can then be added to the agenda and discussed amongst the responsible representatives from each class.  Your opinions are important. You can also comment and ask questions when your School Councillor feeds back to the class.

What have we done?

Discussed things that affect the school.
Booked things that can help the school.
Raised money for charities.
Discussed how we can help the school be healthy.

Spring term:

School council have been working on fair trade this term. We have done our own research and delivered an assembly to our school all about the importance of Fairtrade. We have launched our very own Fairtrade poster competition with the winners being announced shortly. Mrs  Morris has also been helping us with our work on Fairtrade this term and has created some lovely prizes for the Fairtrade poster winners.
We have also continued to have regular meetings to discuss both Fairtrade and any comments we have from our classmates.


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