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Quinton Church Primary School

Fullness of life for all, through working together with the love of Christ




"Very useful, it got the children thinking about how to be kind to each other and not to bully".

"Very interesting, it was lovely to see how involved and engaged the children were and how positive their comments were".

"Very good, it's important to help the children understand they are able to make a change".

" It was excellent and great activates to take part in".

"It was very helpful as it got the children to think about what bullying is and how it can make you feel".

"It was a lovely workshop, using kind words to describe each other".


"Very useful as it helps you recognise your child's ability and what they are learning about".

              " It was nice to spend time with my child in  their learning environment".

                                                       " Very useful because I could see how much and how far my child has come on in their learning".

                        " It was very interesting, as it gives the parents ideas on how to make learning".

                                     "Very Helpful, was good to see my child getting involved in different reading activities".

                                                           "Helped me to understand how to elaborate their vocabulary and what they are working towards". 



" 98.6 % of parents agree that " the school gives me information about events and activities".

"95% of parents agree" My child enjoys coming to school".

" 90% of Parents agree that "The children are given a range of activities and experiences to enhance their learning".

"94.2% of parents agree that " Staff expect my child to work hard and do his or her best".

" 91.4% of parents agree that "I know I can contact mu child's teacher if I need to".




" Very powerful and very useful to remind the children of the dangers linked to the internet".

                                                                                  " The video at the start was very powerful and captured all of the class's attention".

                                                                  "Very useful and very relevant to issues happening on the internet today".

                                                                                          " VERY!!- It's great to share knowledge/experiences of the different uses of the internet".

                                                                                             " Very useful seeing what games can have risks & teaching the children about privacy & Safety".



"Seeing Maths used in many different and creative ways".

" Great, I really think it is important to learn the time and the timetables".

"Good for interacting with my child and seeing how well he is doing within Maths".

" Very useful, gave me some ideas on how to make Maths fun at home".

" Found it very useful, it helped me understand were my child is learning at, was fun to interact with the class".