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Quinton Church Primary School

Fullness of life for all, through working together with the love of Christ


At Quinton Church Primary School we believe that prayer and reflection is an important part of spiritual development for everyone in our school.  We create opportunities to reflect and pray that are invitational and allow children to be authentic to their family and personal beliefs.   

As part of our identity as a church school we have familiar prayers that we use as part of our collective worship and our daily routines. 


Our School Prayer 

Dear God, 

Thank you for our school and all who are in it. 

Help us to be kind, fair and thankful. 


A chance to reflect 

Each classroom has a special reflection area where we can spend some time thinking, say a prayer or engage in a thoughtful activity.  Children are encouraged to reflect on a theme or a Bible story during whole school and in class collective worship time. 


Prayer spaces 

As well as each class having a prayer space that children can access throughout the day, we work with our local church community at Christ Church Quinton to offer safe and engaging opportunities for prayer, thought and reflection.   


In the Autumn of 2020, Reverend Rachel led us on a prayer retreat in the Old Burial Ground where we explored the wonder of God’s creation seen in nature. 

In 2021 Reverend Rachel hosted Advent Prayer Space workshops for all the pupils in which we explored aspects of the Christmas story. 

These events are part of what helps us live our values as a Church of England school, where we experience friendship in our community and have opportunities to be kind, fair and thankful.