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Quinton Church Primary School

Fullness of life for all, through working together with the love of Christ

Pupil of the Month

At Quinton, we love to celebrate the qualities and achievements of our children. Once a month, the children in each class vote for the child who they would like to acknowledge as the pupil of the month. Please see below who they voted for and the reasons why. 

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Reception -Evelyn

 For always spreading so much joy and happiness to her friends and teachers.

Year 1 -Ellis

For being really funny and playing imaginative games!

Year 2- Jacob

 For being kind, funny and helpful all the time. 

Year 3- Aiden

 Because he is always doing the right thing, he is a kind and funny friend.

Year 4- Kiran

 Because she is always sensible, funny, respectful and a kind, loving friend.

Year 5 - Harvey

For being a good friend to everyone, making people laugh and following instructions so well!

Year 6 - Zac

 For being a kind friend who is always there when you need him and cheers you up.


Reception - Louie  

For being such a great friend and for always putting smiles on people's faces.

Year 1 - Viccenzo

For being a loving, responsible and peaceful friend.  

Year 2- Amelia 

 For always being kind and funny and helping everyone.

Year 3- Francesca 

For always being a kind and caring friend and showing our school values, such as compassion and fairness.

Year 4- Ashwyn 

 Because he is always ready, calm, kind, always listens in the classroom and never disturbs the class. He is a role model to everyone!

Year 5 - Zac 

For being a good friend, making people laugh and helping people if they are finding things a bit tough.

Year 6 - Keerit 

For being kind to others and being a good role model.





 For always using beautiful manners around school and when talking to different adults! He puts a big smile on our faces!

Year 1- Betsy

For being a responsible, kind and fair friend to everyone in the class.

Year 2- Isaac

 For showing kindness all the time, being a good friend and helping everyone.

Year 3- Kaiyah

She is kind, funny and lovely all the time and she always is a good friend to everyone.

Year 4- Simren

She helps everyone when they feel sad, is very funny, always listens, never shouts out and is such a role model to the class.

Year 5- Wednesday

 Her classmates said she is kind and she is very funny.  They said that when someone needs a friend, she is there!

Year 6- Zac

 For always being a good friend, being kind and cheering people up who are upset. 



Reception - Zechariah

For being such a kind friend who takes turns and for sharing his fantastic ideas with others at play.

Year 1 - Orla

For being a good friend by always telling funny stories and jokes. 

Year 2- Maxwell

For always being kind and funny as well as well as being helpful.

Year 3- Stan

For being funny, he is kind and helps people with their work and he is always ready to learn.

Year 4- Geroge

Because he is a good friend, plays nicely during games, is respectful in the classroom, shares with others and is a calm member of the class.

Year 5 - Oakley 

for being a good friend, making people laugh and setting a great example with his amazing writing.

Year 6 - Elijah

For always making people laugh, being a good friend and always trying to make people happy. 





 For always having such a positive attitude towards school. For being kind and caring towards others and wanting to try new activities.

Year 1- Torben

For being a kind, reliable and great friend. Torben is always ready to learn and wants to always challenge himself further.

Year 2- Eva-Rose

For always being kind, fair and thankful.

Year 3- Ollie

Because he is kind, funny and a great friend.

Year 4- Keira

Because she is always kind and supportive, is a good, caring friend and is ready to learn all of the time.

Year 5- Lauren

 She is an amazing friend who always cheers people up, when they are sad.  She is kind and inclusive.  She is also very trustworthy.

Year 6- Matilda

For always being kind to others, being supportive to those who need it and always being positive. 


Reception - Florence

 For always being such a kind, caring and thoughtful friend to others.

Year 1 - Alina

For being a kind friend and super role model in the classroom. 

Year 2- Harvey 

 For being a kind friend, always being helpful and saying please and thank you.

Year 3- Rosabella 

 For being kind, being a good listener and a great friend. 

Year 4- Max

 Because he is respectful, responsible and a good friend who plays nicely, makes us laugh and helps others.

Year 5 - Akhil

.His classmates said he is kind and considerate towards everyone; he really takes care of people, when they need a little help.

Year 6 - Ayana

 For being a good friend to others, being helpful and persevering and trying her best. 



Reception - Alina 

For being a kind and thoughtful friend who shares with everybody

Year 1 - Dylan 

For being a kind friend both in class and on the playground, and for being friendly to everyone in the class 

Year 2- Ollie 

For being brave, making lots of new friends and being kind 

Year 3- Max 

For making everyone in class smile and always being kind to others

Year 4- Eden 

She is a great friend, a role model and is kind and respectful

Year 5 - Hunter 

For being a great friend and role model to others 

Year 6 - Kai 

For showing a great improvement since year 5. being funny and a good friend to others